Best price Expiry Date Inkjet Batch Coding Printer

Best price Expiry Date Inkjet Batch Coding Printer

The pigmented inkjet printer is a kind of small character coding machine and it can use the yellow ink and white ink.

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Best price Expiry Date Inkjet Batch Coding Printer

H850P pigmented inkjet printer is widely used in cable, pipe, auto parts, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, building materials, electronics and other deep color products, can print yellow, white, red, blue and other colors.


Advanced design and superior performance:

1. Adopting a new internationally-developed, solid, long-life gear pump specifically designed for pigment inks as ink power.

2. Innovative electromagnetic stirring design ensures that the pigment ink remains even and stable without precipitation.

3. Special intelligent "self-awaking" type stirring function design makes the pigment ink always in an excellent state, and it can maintain stable and reliable printing quality during intermittent work cycle.

4. The use of international advanced negative charging technology ensures long-term clean nozzles and stable operation of the machine.

5. Advanced automatic cleaning function, truly automatic shut-off nozzle cleaning to ensure that the nozzle and ink lines are open during boot, can effectively solve the plugging problem.


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