Advantages of ultraviolet laser marking machine compared with fiber laser marking machine

- Feb 08, 2018 -

In wavelength, the wavelength of the ultraviolet laser is shorter than the wavelength of the visible light, so the naked eye is not visible. Although you can't see these lasers, it's these short wavelengths that allow the ultraviolet lasers to focus more precisely, and thus maintain excellent positioning accuracy while producing extremely fine circuit features.

There is also an important factor, the workpiece temperature is low, the presence of high energy photons in ultraviolet light allows ultraviolet laser to be used in large PCB circuit board combination, from standard materials such as FR4 to high-frequency ceramic composites, including polyimide flexible PCB materials and other materials are applicable. The absorption rate of three kinds of common PCB materials under the action of six different lasers. These six lasers include excimer lasers (wavelength 248 nm), infrared lasers (wavelength 1064 nm), and two CO2 lasers (wavelength 9.4μm and 10.6μm respectively). The ultraviolet laser (Nd:yag, Wavelength 355nm) is a rare laser with the same absorption rate in three kinds of materials.

Ultraviolet laser marking machine used in resin and copper showed a very high absorption rate, in the processing of glass also has the appropriate absorption rate. Only the expensive excimer lasers (wavelength 248nm) have a better overall absorption rate when processing these major materials. The difference of this material makes ultraviolet laser is the best choice of various PCB material applications in many industrial fields, from the production of the most basic circuit board, circuit wiring, to the production of pocket embedded chips and other advanced technology are universal.

The computer system of ultraviolet laser marker directly from computer Aided design data to the processing circuit board means that no middleman is needed in the PCB production process. Coupled with the precise focus of ultraviolet rays, the ultraviolet laser system can implement the highly characteristic scheme and repeat the positioning. It can be said that positioning precision, this is also the circuit board industry must require one.

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