All aspects of printer considerations

- Feb 08, 2018 -

If the printer produces fever, smoke, smell, abnormal sound and so on, please immediately cut off the power and information personnel contact.

There are no other items on the printer. When the printer is not in use for a long time, unplug the power plug from the power outlet.

To prevent in case, when the vicinity of Thunder, the power plug from the socket unplugged. If inserted, it is possible that the machine will be damaged.

Printing paper and color band box is not set, print is prohibited. The print head and print rollers are damaged.

The printhead is in a high temperature state. No contact until the temperature drops. Prevent burns, injuries.

Do not touch the metal portion of the print cable connector and print head. When the print head is working, you cannot touch the print head.

When the print head is working, it is forbidden to cut off the power.

Please do not arbitrarily disassemble, move, drag, if there is trouble, please contact the information personnel.

The prohibition of foreign bodies (book needles, metal sheets, liquids, etc.) into the machine, otherwise it will cause electric shock or machine failure.

Power on when the printer is properly powered, the data cable is connected to the computer.

Do not move, drag, and power off the printer while printing.

When the printing volume is too large, should keep the print volume within 30 copies of the printer to rest for 5-10 minutes, lest the printer overheating and damage.

When you print a file, you are not allowed to use paper that is too thick (more than 80g), not allowed to use wrinkled, folded paper.

If the printer in the presence of serious physical damage, man-made damage or do not follow the above operating specifications to make the printer damaged, will be held accountable to the person.

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