Development status of laser marking processing

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Laser marking processing in the domestic development has undergone a long period of development, the core system of laser marking equipment is marking control system, this control system is also experienced several stages, from the beginning is a large-scale era, and then the turn-mirror era, now is to this era of the mirror, These different times have pushed the development mode of laser marking nowadays, the appearance and rapid development of semiconductor laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine and fiber laser marking machine have put forward new challenge to today's laser marking. Now most foreign laser marking processing methods can be divided into three forms.

1, Mask mode marking. A form of marking with a complete or several symbols in a laser pulse.

2, array type marking. It Hengbian to five columns, vertical to seven columns of the dot matrix marking.

3, hit the mark. Through the computer control the marking path beforehand to form the scanning movement to form the mark.

Now with the rapid development of computer technology, laser marking processing technology in the actual production of more and more with the computer technology, its application is being valued by domestic enterprises, it is with its strong advantages to replace the traditional marking method.

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