Focus on food safty and food traceability

- Jun 25, 2018 -

Focus on food safety and Food traceability

At present, China is becoming the world's largest food producer and consumer. The food safety issue has gradually become one of the topics most concerned by the public. In recent years, as food safety issues have become increasingly prominent, regulating food safety has become an urgent task. As an important part of food safety management, food traceability is put on the agenda. Recently, the State Food and Drug Administration issued a document on this, which set out certain regulations for food companies to establish a food safety traceability system.


The full set of electronic traceability system can technically help realize the quality control and traceability of food production. The establishment of anti-counterfeiting systems is linked with the development of the marking equipment industry. It is a general trend to apply two-dimensional codes to various physical products, and high-performance coding products and solutions have become an important means for achieving food traceability.


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