What the laser printer means

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Laser printer is a high-tech development of a new product, is also expected to replace inkjet printer, a model, divided into Black-and-white and color two, it provides us with a higher quality, faster, lower cost of printing methods. The low-end Black-and-white laser printer's price has dropped to hundreds of yuan, reached the average user acceptable level. Its printing principle is to use raster image processor to produce a bitmap to print the page, and then convert it into electrical signals, such as a series of pulses sent to the laser transmitter, in this series of pulses under the control of the laser is regularly released. At the same time, the reflected beam is photosensitive by the receiving photoconductor drum. When a laser is emitted, a point is produced, and the laser is blank when it is emitted, so that a line of points is printed on the receiver. The receiver then rotates a short fixed distance to repeat the operation. When the paper passes through the photosensitive drum, the coloring agent on the drum will transfer to the paper, printed as a bitmap of the page. Finally, when the paper after a pair of heating rollers, the colorant is heated and melted, fixed on the paper, the complete printing process, the whole process is accurate and efficient. While the price of a laser printer is much more expensive than an inkjet printer, a laser printer is much cheaper than a single page of printing costs. and color laser printer price is generally around 2000 yuan.

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