About The History Of Printers

- Feb 08, 2018 -

The printer was invented by John Watt and Dave Donnald. A device that is printed on a piece of paper in accordance with a prescribed format, such as numbers, letters, symbols, and graphs, that are the result of a computer's operation or intermediate results. The printer is developing in the direction of light, thin, short, small, low power consumption, high speed and intelligence.

The rapid development of the Internet, some people predict paperless era is coming, the end of the printer has arrived. Global paper consumption, however, is growing at a doubling rate each year, with printer sales increasing at an average rate of nearly 8%. All this indicates that the printer not only will not disappear, but also will develop more and more quickly, the field of application is more and more broad. From the advent of the world's first printer in 1885, to a variety of stylus printers, inkjet printers and laser printers, they lead in different eras, today let us look for the footprints of history, from technology, brand and products, application market and target consumers three aspects, review inkjet printer's glorious history, At the same time, the development trend of the jet-hit in the future is simply analyzed.

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