Annual Engineer Training-keep On Learning

- Aug 21, 2018 -

Annual engineer training-keep on learning and improve professional skills


Every year all the technicians across China go to our production base to attend the engineer training.


During the training period, the technicians will have classes courses about services concepts and market knowledge. Some excellent R&D personnel will act as the teachers to illustrate the coding solutions on technical issues. Moreover, in the presentation, the technicians will have the actual operation, which will greatly enhance their skills. And above all, Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd will arrange the professional tests about inkjet printers, laser coding machines and TIJ printers for the training engineers and they will be ranked according to their scores.


Through the training, all the technicians can keep on learning and improve their professional skills.   


As a inkjet printer brand with long history, Beijing Hi-Pack will preserving the company culture.  


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