Inkjet Printer Installation Location

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Ink-jet printer's high technology content, parts construction is very precise, correct use and operation of the printer, to reduce the printer's failure probability and prolong the service life has a role that can not be neglected.


Choose a better placement, you can avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.

A, the printer on the level, stable surface.

B, the printer is easy to connect the computer or network interface cable, and can easily cut off the power of the place.

C, set aside enough space for easy operation and maintenance; Leave a large enough place in front of the printer to make the paper out.

D, avoid in the temperature and humidity abrupt place use and place the printer, the printer should be away from direct sunlight, strong light source and heating device.

E. Avoid placing the printer in a vibrating place.

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