The Principle Of Inkjet Printer

- Feb 08, 2018 -

Inkjet printers are developed after the stylus printer, using a non striking way of working. The outstanding advantages are small size, easy to operate, low printing noise, the use of special paper can be played and photos comparable to pictures and so on. After several years of honed, inkjet printer technology has made considerable progress. Think of the original 95 years, 4000 yuan or so a color inkjet printer, print out the beauty can be rough skin like a king. More than 1000 color inkjet printer is enough to deal with the general needs of the family, even if it is like photography enthusiasts to the picture quality requirements of users, but also in the 2000 to 3,000-yuan color inkjet printer to find more ideal products.

Inkjet printer According to the work of the print head can be divided into piezoelectric inkjet technology and hot ink jet technology two types. According to the nature of inkjet materials can be divided into water quality materials, solid-state inks and liquid inks and other types of printers. Here we will explain separately.

Piezoelectric ink-jet technology is to put many small piezoelectric ceramics into the inkjet printer's print head nozzle near the use of its voltage action will be the principle of deformation, timely to add the voltage to its top. The piezoelectric ceramic is then scaled so that the ink in the nozzle is sprayed out and the pattern is formed on the surface of the output medium.

The ink-jet printing head produced by the piezoelectric ink-jet technology has a higher cost, so in order to reduce the user's use cost, the printing nozzle and the ink cartridge will be separated, and the printing head must be replaced without replacing the ink. This technology by Epson original, because the structure of the print head can be controlled by voltage to effectively adjust the size and use of ink, so as to obtain a higher printing accuracy and printing effect. It has a strong control of ink droplets, easy to achieve high-precision printing, shortcomings, the assumption of the use of the nozzle blocked, whether the dredging or replacement costs are relatively high and difficult to operate, the entire printer may be scrapped.

Hot Ink jet technology is to allow ink through the fine nozzle, in a strong electric field, will be part of the nozzle pipe of the ink gasification, forming a bubble, and the nozzle at the top of the ink on the surface of the output media to form a pattern or character. So this inkjet printer is sometimes called a bubble printer. Using this technology to make the nozzle process relatively mature cost is also very low, but because the nozzle in the electrode is always affected by electrolysis and corrosion, the service life will have a lot of impact. So the print heads that use this technique are usually the same as the cartridge, and the print head is updated when the cartridge is replaced. So users don't have to worry too much about the problem of the nozzle clogging. At the same time, to reduce the cost of use, we can often see the injection ink cartridge case (add ink). In the print head just finished ink, immediately add a special ink, as long as the method is appropriate, you can save a lot of consumables costs.

The disadvantage of hot inkjet technology is that the ink is heated during use, and high temperature ink is prone to chemical changes, quality instability, so the color authenticity will be affected to a certain extent; On the other hand, because the ink is sprayed through bubbles, the direction and size of ink particles is very difficult to grasp, Printing line edges easily uneven, a certain degree of impact on the quality of printing, so most products are not as good as piezoelectric technology products.

Solid-State inkjet printers used in the form of ink is solid at room temperature, the wax in the work of the pigment block heated to dissolve into a liquid, and then according to the ink-jet method described above work. The advantage of this type of printer is that the water resistance of the pigment is better, and there is no blockage problem caused by the dry ink of the print head. But the use of solid-state ink printer because of high production cost, the product is relatively small.

Inkjet printers are divided into machinery and circuit two parts, we mainly look at the mechanical part, it usually includes ink cartridges and sprinklers, cleaning parts, word car machinery, paper delivery mechanism and sensors and several other parts. There are two types of cartridge and nozzle, one is the integration of the two, the other is the separation of the structure. Both ways are good. The cleaning system is the maintenance device of the sprinkler head. The word vehicle machine is used to realize the printing position. The transmission mechanism provides the paper conveying function, it must and the word vehicle machinery very good cooperation can complete the whole page printing. The sensor is specially for checking the working condition of each part of the printer.

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