The Release Of Handheld TIJ Printer Of Beijing Hi-Pack

- Oct 23, 2018 -

The handheld inkjet coder of Beijing Hi-Pack— E1H handheld high-resolution inkjet printer, including eight different languages, can print bar code, letters, numbers, graphics, date, time, expiration date, class, ordinary counter, box number, etc.. This modle supports black, red , green, yellow, blue and other colors of ink. Moreover, it has long standby time. EIH handheld inkjet printer has obtained CE and FCC certifications, 

As for the application, EIH model can print on a variety of water-absorbing materials, such as semi-absorbent and non-absorbent materials, which has been widely used in many industries.

Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd. has built a full range of inkjet products for more than 10 years, which can provide professional and customized coding identification solutions for customers in various industries. If you have any needs or questions, feel free to contact us.

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