Tips For Using Inkjet Printers

- Feb 08, 2018 -

One, the use of color spray box (here refers to the same body cartridge) in the process, should pay attention to red, yellow, blue and so on the balanced use of various tones, do not only print a color-biased picture, because as long as the cartridge in a color, even if other colors have not been exhausted, inkjet box can not continue to use. Generally speaking, the higher the resolution of the printed picture, the more ink is used. Light consumption of less ink, red or blue composite color requires more than one basic color synthesis, and therefore need to consume more ink.

Second, do not frequently switch printers, because many types of printers on the boot will be carried out by the Self-Test program, will consume ink, as far as possible will need to print the material together to print (but also pay attention not to let the printer working for a long time), this will also save ink.

Third, if the All-in-one cartridge print head dry plug, you can take the following ways to improve:

1, the print head part (excluding the circuit board) immersed in warm water for about 10-20 minutes, let warm water dissolved dry dye (note: Keep the board dry).

2, the print head on a few soft and dry paper towels above, so that the paper towel slowly the residual water and ink nozzle dry, please do not wipe the print head hard. If the cartridge needs to be used immediately, put it back in the correct location within the printer. If not, you can buy a special print head Protection seat (folder) properly stored, Protection seat (folder) inside the rubber mat can block the air, keep the nozzle for a long time moist.

3, ink cartridges do not need to print, printing will make the sprinkler head burned (because of its only use of electricity and the nozzle spray ink and borrow ink to heat).

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