To Start The New Smart Age Of Inkjet Coding Machines

- Sep 17, 2018 -

With the advancement of the industrial age, traditional coding machines, inkjet printers, ribbon printers, etc. have gradually become unable to meet the needs of various industries. Moreover, the traditional inkjet printer has a high error rate during operation, and has certain limitations in the coding range. It cannot intelligently print in real time, and can not print complex information such as QR codes, barcodes, variables, etc., making traceability management impossible. .

In this situation, Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd has developed H8000 series intelligent modular inkjet printers to transform intelligent products into real-life productivity, which not only solves the problems brought by traditional inkjet printers, but also further optimizes many performances.

First of all, the H8000 series inkjet printer is intelligent in appearance, smaller and more delicate than the traditional inkjet printer, and the internal structure of the machine is simple and clean, modular ink path, plug-in cartridge, making it easier and faster to replace the ink cartridge. Customers can replace ink cartridges themselves, no need for the printer manufacturer to present the service, which greatly improves the production efficiency and saves costs. Secondly, the fully enclosed intelligent ink cartridge has good sealing performance and will not cause the ink to overflow or volatilize. To a certain extent, the customer saves the cost of consumables, and the intelligent ink cartridge uses the non-contact wireless radio frequency sensing technology to display the consumables in real time and accurately, without pollution or waste. At the same time, the H8000 series has carried out all-round upgrade and optimization for the problems frequently encountered in the use of traditional inkjet printers, greatly improving the stability of the use of the products.



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