• Pigment Inkjet Printing System

    Pigment Inkjet Printing System

    How does the pigment inkjet printing system work? Surrounding the jet at the point where the drops separate from the ink stream is the charge electrode. A voltage is applied between the charge...

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  • Continuous Pigment Inkjet Coder

    Continuous Pigment Inkjet Coder

    If the customer has interests in the continuous pigment inkjet coder H850P, we can print a sample as requirements or shoot a video when printing. So that the customer can know about the actual...

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  • Color Printer System

    Color Printer System

    Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd will offer high quality services to customers after they contact us on Color printer system H850P and other CIJ inkjet printers. We won’t quit our service even if...

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  • Small inkjet Printer for Food

    Small inkjet Printer for Food

    HI-CODER H8 small inkjet printer for food helps the food manufacturers comply with relevant regulations and manage the market. Inkjet printers of Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd. are popular in the...

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  • Inkjet Printer for Beverage

    Inkjet Printer for Beverage

    Coding technology has extensive application in the beverage industry. Through over ten years’ cooperation with customers at home and abroad, Beijing Hi-pack Coding can provide leading solutions to...

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  • Electronics-industrial Inkjet Printer

    Electronics-industrial Inkjet Printer

    In the electronics industry, it’s common to print micro codes, including Production Date, Batch number and Counter, Different font logos, Expiry Date, Shift, Barcode, on the surface of resistor,...

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  • Pharmaceutical Industrial Inkjet Printer

    Pharmaceutical Industrial Inkjet Printer

    Because of the clear printing and quick printing speed, H9600 pharmaceutical industrial inkjet printer is popular among the pharmaceutical manufacturers....

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  • Customized Keyboard Inkjet Printer

    Customized Keyboard Inkjet Printer

    HI-CODER H8 customized keyboard inkjet printer uses the keyboard operate system, which can be very friendly and easy to control and edit for the workers....

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  • CE Certificated Inkjet Printer

    CE Certificated Inkjet Printer

    As a leading China CIJ printer manufacturer, Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd has obtained CE certification for its newly launched 5 lines and touch screen printers: HI-CODER H8, verifying that it meets...

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  • Small character continuous inkjet printer

    Small character continuous inkjet printer

    High quality small character continuous inkjet printer H9600 builds on our heritage of previous printers’ advantages, which is created more reliable to meet requirements of all industries. ...

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  • Small character continuous inkjet coder

    Small character continuous inkjet coder

    Small character industrial inkjet coder H9600, with touch screen operating system, is much easier to control. As a new model, this inkjet coder is well accepted in the world market....

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  • Inkjet Coder

    Inkjet Coder

    Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd owns a strong technical team. Through close collaboration with colleges and institutes, we have succeeded in developing HI-CODER H8 inkjet coder, continuous ink system...

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