• Small character continuous inkjet coder

    Small character continuous inkjet coder

    Small character industrial inkjet coder H9600, with touch screen operating system, is much easier to control. As a new model, this inkjet coder is well accepted in the world market....

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  • Inkjet Coder

    Inkjet Coder

    Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd owns a strong technical team. Through close collaboration with colleges and institutes, we have succeeded in developing HI-CODER H8 inkjet coder, continuous ink system...

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  • Inkjet Coding System

    Inkjet Coding System

    Beijing Hi-Pack Coding participates in the Shanghai SWOP(Shanghai World Packing ) almost every year. In the exhibition, inkjet coding system HI-CODER H8, CE certificated inkjet printer H9600 and...

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  • Inkjet Marker

    Inkjet Marker

    After receiving the customer's order, Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd will be in strict accordance with the production standards. Starting with preparing various spare parts, then assembling the all...

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  • Industrial Inkjet Printing Machine

    Industrial Inkjet Printing Machine

    Being controlled by the software, the industrial inkjet printing machine codes or marks on the surfaces to identify products by non-contact means. Generally the inkjet printer is called CIJ...

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  • Industrial Inkjet Barcode Printer

    Industrial Inkjet Barcode Printer

    Barcode products generally includes the prefix part, manufacturer code, product code and check code. The prefix code of commodity’s barcode is used to identify the country, such as 00-09 is on...

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  • Continuous Chip Locked Inkjet Printer

    Continuous Chip Locked Inkjet Printer

    The printing characteristics of H8500 continuous chip locked inkjet printer: 1.Printing lines: Up to 4 lins(7x5 dot), up to 5 lines(5x5 dot) 2.Fonts: 5x5, 7x5, 9x7, 12x2, 16x16, 24x24 and...

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  • Continuous Ink System Printer

    Continuous Ink System Printer

    The continuous ink system printer H8500 is based on customer- friendly design. 1.Patented technologies to en more 2.Convenient and efficient operation 3.Extraordinarily powerful printing...

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  • Continuous Printing Printer

    Continuous Printing Printer

    The inkjet printer, as a high-speed printing equipment, it will influence the whole production lines, if the coding machine have errors. And this requires us to pay more attention to daily...

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  • Continuous Inkjet Coding System

    Continuous Inkjet Coding System

    H9600 continuous inkjet coding system can be used to code or mark on various surface of objects. The coding contents include text, digital, and other symbols. The coding machine H9600 is a set of...

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  • Production Line Inkjet Printer

    Production Line Inkjet Printer

    Production line inkjet printer H850P is a kind of white ink coding machine. Nowadays, there are many manufacturers need to print white color logos and characters on the dark color surfaces. H850P...

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  • Compact Inkjet Printer

    Compact Inkjet Printer

    The routine maintenance of compact inkjet printer H8500: 1.The nozzle is one of the most important and precious parts of the inkjet printers. The maintenance of the nozzle directly determines its...

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