• Batch Coding Inkjet Printer

    Batch Coding Inkjet Printer

    The H850P batch coding inkjet printer is tailored to meet the coding applications of the cable and wire and PVC sectors. This date and batch printing machine features advanced isolating...

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  • Pad-controlled inkjet printer

    Pad-controlled inkjet printer

    HI-CODER 6 pad-controlled inkjet printer is the new model rebust in 2017. Revolutionary HI-CODER 6 small character inkjet printer offers users the latest world technology. Unlike any other CIJ...

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  • All in One Computer Inkjet Printer

    All in One Computer Inkjet Printer

    HI-CODER 6 all in one computer inkjet printer can be also controlled by the pad, and connect to the network. Technical Specification of HI-CODER 6 wifi inkjet printer: 1. Printing lines: Up to 4...

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  • Network Printer

    Network Printer

    Customers can control the network printer HI-CODER 6 by the computer and pad, so that the worker can operate the inkjet printer on line even if they don’t stand beside the coding machine. 1....

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  • Hand Inkjet Printer

    Hand Inkjet Printer

    Hand inkjet printer E1H is a portable hand coder. This date coding printer uses high-capacity rechargeable lithium batteries, which is very convenient. E1H hand held date coder can print...

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  • Handheld Batch Number Printer

    Handheld Batch Number Printer

    Handheld inkjet printer is also known as portable inkjet printer. E1H handheld batch number printer is light and handy and very easy to carry. Handheld inkjet printer E1H is different from the...

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  • Hand Held Date Code Printer

    Hand Held Date Code Printer

    Hand held date code printer E1H is used the most advanced practical technologies and concepts, setting data editing and data printing in one of the identification system. The applicable occasions...

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  • Handheld Expiry Date Printer

    Handheld Expiry Date Printer

    Besides the small inkjet printers on production lines, Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd also supplies the high quality handheld expiry date printer –E1H. The features of hand held date coder E1H: Ink...

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  • Handheld Coding Printer

    Handheld Coding Printer

    When the handheld coding printer E1H works, its film resistors will heat the ink in the ink jet zone to form numerous tiny bubbles. Then the bubbles will extend at a very fast rate and become the...

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  • Thermal Coder

    Thermal Coder

    Features of thermal coder T1C 1. Selectable languages Chinese, English, Japanese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian. 2.Fonts Thermal coding system T1C’s default font is Arial, which...

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  • Thermal Marker

    Thermal Marker

    Features and benefits of thermal marker TIC: 1.Counters Flexible setting for serial number, lot-box code counters 2.Date format Thermal marking system T1C has a variety of date modes (production...

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  • High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    High Resolution Inkjet Printer

    Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd also supplies two printheads high resolution inkjet printer EII. Compared with the single printhead thermal coder, EII thermal inkjet printer has its own specific...

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