• White Inkjet Printer

      White Inkjet Printer

      White inkjet printer H850P of Beijing Hi-Pack Coding is a kind of small character pigmented inkjet printers. With new gunbody, gem nozzle and start-up/shutdown auto cleaning function, White inkjet...

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    • Small character industrial inkjet coder

      Small character industrial inkjet coder

      Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd has well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production, which enables us to guarantee total customer satisfaction....

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    • Inkjet Printing System

      Inkjet Printing System

      Inkjet printing system H9600 conforms to the European standard, and this inkjet marker has obtained the CE certificate, so that we can offer various coding solutions to the European customers....

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    • Continuous Inkjet Printer with Ink Chip

      Continuous Inkjet Printer with Ink Chip

      The features and benefits of continuous inkjet printer with ink chip H8500 : ■7″ color touch screen display with user-friendly menu, and convenient Pinyin inputting mode for Chinese characters...

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    • Inkjet coding and marking machine

      Inkjet coding and marking machine

      Beijing Hi-Pack Coding has made the debut of its newly developed H9600 touch-screen. The new products have gained popularity among customers who favour the touch-screen IJP in the coding and...

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    • Network Inkjet Coder

      Network Inkjet Coder

      The revolutionary HI-CODER 6 batch coding system operates with or without a wireless tablet, or it can be LAN networked to run from a control center. Features of HI-CODER 6 network inkjet coder:...

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    • Thermal Inkjet Printing System

      Thermal Inkjet Printing System

      Features and benefits of TIC thermal inkjet printing system: 1. Language Support Chinese input method and many other languages input. 2. Vector font editor Multi-fonts editing supported 3. Various...

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    • Industrial Laser Marking Machine

      Industrial Laser Marking Machine

      Compared with the inkjet marking methods, HF200 industrial laser marking system’s superiority lies in: a wide range of applications, a variety of substances (metal, glass, ceramics, plastics,...

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    • White Ink Color Printer

      White Ink Color Printer

      White ink color printer H850P can print 1-5 line, various contents. H850P color inkjet printer is widely used in industrial fields, like car sector...

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    • Yellow Inkjet Printer

      Yellow Inkjet Printer

      Yellow inkjet printer H850P, with best quality, are very popular at home and abroad. Features 1. Gem nozzle to reduce clogging. 2. Start-up / shutdown auto cleaning function realizes smooth...

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    • Opaque White Ink Printer

      Opaque White Ink Printer

      Opaque white ink printer H850P is one of competitive products of Beijing Hi-Pack Coding Ltd. With best performance and cheap price, opaque white ink printer H850p is sold to many foreign...

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    • White Ink Printer

      White Ink Printer

      The operating principle of high quality white ink printer H850P : Electrically conductive ink is supplied under pressure to a nozzle assembly. The nozzle face-plate has an orifice (hole) and an...

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